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About Us

The Radiation Health Division (RHD) is one of the four divisions under the Health Sciences and Technology Office. RHD enforces the Radiation Ordinance, and provides licensing, advisory, monitoring and health surveillance services to protect public health in the use of ionising radiation in Hong Kong.

Provision of personal radiation monitoring services

The RHD provides a centralized personal radiation monitoring service (RMS) to all radiation workers in Hong Kong. The service includes the exchange, on a monthly basis, of radiation dosimeters to employers who subscribe to the service; the maintenance of the dosimeters; assessment of radiation dose recorded on the dosimeters which the workers carried in the previous month, reporting on the doses and alerting the employer in the event of high doses. The objective of the service is to provide a means to monitor the radiation exposure received by workers with a view of limiting their overall exposure to a reasonably acceptable level and within the limits prescribed by law.

Provision of environmental radiation monitoring services

The RHD provides dosimeters and readout services to the Hong Kong Observatory in their Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programme. The objective of the service is to provide a means to detect any additional radiation exposure to members of the public due to any man-made radioactive sources so that early actions can be taken to ensure that such exposures are well within international standards.

Provision of radiological protection advice and services in general

The RHD is prepared to provide advice and services which would lead to an overall reduction in radiation exposure to workers and the public. Generally the RHD advises on calibration of radiation monitoring equipment, and radioactive waste management. It also provides technical input in the production of public education material on ionizing radiations and advises on radiation protection in relation to use of radioactive substances in consumer goods.

Radiation Dosimetry Calibration Service

The RHD provides quality services for the calibration of radiological dosimeters which are designed for the measurements of X-ray or gamma radiations. The Radiation Dosimetry Calibration Service (RDCS) has been operating on the quality management system which complies with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 standard. The calibration method adopted by the RDCS also complies with the applicable international standard, the ISO 4037 standard.

Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus Import Control

According to the Import (Radiation)(Prohibition)Regulations, Cap 60K, Laws of Hong Kong, radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus imported into Hong Kong shall be covered by a valid import licence. The RHD processes applications and grants import licences with powers delegated by the Director General of Trade and Industry. Import licences can be granted within 3 working days after submission of applications.