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Import Licence for Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus: Licence Application

Online Application Procedures (effective from 11 November 2023)

In addition to those ways of application already available, applications for Import Licences for Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus can also be submitted through Trade Single Window (


  1. Register a user account on Trade Single Window.
  2. After your account registration is approved, subscribe to the service of application for Q29 Import Licence for Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus.
  3. After your subscription application is approved, log in to Trade Single Window and submit import licence application (new / amendement / cancellation).

If you have any enquiry to the procedures, please refer to the Electronic User Manual on the Trade Single Window website.

New Application Procedures (effective from 25th August 2014)

The application form for the importation of radioactive substances (RS) and irradiating apparatus (IA) is the Import Licence Form for radioactive substance and irradiating apparatus (TRA-RSIA(2014)).


  1. Download the application form here (fillable PDF format). The downloaded application form is in triplicate (total 6 pages).
  2. Complete the form by filling the application particulars on the first (original) of the PDF file and it will automatically be filled in other copies. If you fill in the form by handwriting, you are required to use black ball pen, and insert carbon papers to replicate the application particulars from the original while filling. We do not accept triplicate application fill in separately.
  3. Print the application form on white A4 paper, double-sided.
  4. Sign the form in triplicate by black ball pen.
  5. Append the required supporting documents to form a complete application document. A sample of the completed application form is available below as reference.
  6. Submit the completed application document to the RS and IA Import Licensing Office of the Radiation Health Division at 3/F, Sai Wan Ho Health Centre, 28 Tai Hong Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong by one of the following two methods.
    • Submission in person

      Collect a receipt* for the submission at the counter.
    • Submission by fax

      Fax to 2834 1224 the first page of the completed application form (provide your return fax number on the form) and the supporting documents.
      Collect the receipt* by returned fax.
  7. Collect the Import Licence when the application is approved.
    • Present the receipt in person at the RS and IA Import Licensing Office on the date specified on the receipt.
    • If the application was submitted in person, the Import Licence will be available for collection in about 15 minutes.
    • If the application was submitted by fax, present the original copy# of the application form in triplicate. The Import Licence will be available for collection in about an hour.
    You will be notified if the application is rejected.

    *The receipt does not represent an approval of your application.
    #The original copy of the application document must be identical to the copy submitted by fax. Otherwise, the application will be considered as a new application submitted in person and procedure 6(a) will then apply.

Please click here [radioactive substances] / [irradiating apparatus] for specimen of completed Import Licence covering radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus and here guidance notes on how to complete the form.

Amendment on the Import Licence

  1. No erasure or correction fluid should be used on licence applications.
  2. Typing errors should be clearly and tidily crossed out either by hand or by typing 'XXX' over them.
  3. Every amendment should be endorsed by initialing with date and stamping the applicant company's small amendment chop against it.
  4. All amendments made must be clear and legible, and must not deface any other particulars on the application.
  5. No more than three amendment chops are allowed for each application.

Supporting Documents

  1. Photocopy of the relevant Radioactive Substances Licence, Irradiating Apparatus Licence or Notice of Exemption issued by the Radiation Board.
  2. The following additional documents as applicable:
    • For importation re-exportation operation - through-bill-of-lading or similar shipping documents as proof of exportation arrangement.
    • For importation of irradiating apparatus - detailed technical specifications of the concerned irradiating apparatus and the purchase order.
    • For importation of radioactive substance - Consignor’s declaration of dangerous goods and the purchase order.