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Radiation Monitoring Services

The RHD provides a centralized personnel radiation monitoring service to all radiation workers in Hong Kong. The service includes the exchange, on a monthly basis, of radiation dosimeters to employers who subscribe to the service; the maintenance of the dosimeters; assessment of radiation dose recorded on the dosimeters which the workers carried in the previous month, reporting on the doses and alerting the employer in the event of high doses. The objective of the service is to provide a means to monitor the radiation exposure received by workers with a view of limiting their overall exposure to a reasonably acceptable level and within the limits prescribed by law.

Application for Radiation Monitoring Services

Personal Dose Inquiry

Individual user may logon his/her personal account to view his/her dose record at Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services System (ERLS).

The logon account type is ‘Radiation Monitoring Service Person’. The logon user ID is the personal identification number as registered with our service, which in most cases, is the HKID number without the digit in bracket. The password for the first logon is the same as the logon user ID. The users should change their password after the first logon.

The contact person of the subscribing company will continue to receive the hard copy dose report together with the new batch of dosimeters every month as usual.


  • Whole Body Radiation Monitoring Service
Whole body dosimeter cum holder (2 sets per user) $670 ($335 per set)
Whole body radiation monitoring service (per person per year) $425

  • Extremity (finger) Monitoring Service
Ringlet dosimeter (2 sets per user) $440 ($220 per set)
Extremity (finger) monitoring service (per person per year
includes 12 disposable finger rings)

Frequently Asked Questions

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